Senin, 06 Juni 2016

Candi Cangkuang & Kampung Naga

On the 10th of May we go to the Candi Cangkuang and Kampung Naga. In the morning we perkumpul at school at 06.00 am. We waited for the bus to come at 07.00 am.
On our trip singing, eating and sleeping. the trip lasts 2 hours. Before heading Candi Cangkuang Our raft ride that has been provided shopped across the lake. Candi Cangkuang temple in the middle of the lake, before entering the Candi Cangkuang we passed the kampung pulo that there are only 7 houses and 7 families. We climbed the stairs to samapai to Candi Cangkuang, near the temple Cangkuang there are museums that tell about the history of the Candi Cangkuang , after the completion of our return to the bus to continue the journey. We continue the journey to Kampung Naga.

on the way we stopped at a place to eat for a lunch break. After lunch we continued our journey is complete. the trip lasts for 2 hours. Arriving at the Kampung Naga you take pictures in front of the first Kampung Naga. then we went to the Kampung Naga and down 439 stairs. in Kampung Naga we drive around and look at the custom house as well as traditional musical instruments, there is also forbidden forest and sacred forests, in the sacred forests there ancestors' graves while the forbidden forest just to preserve the environment. finished there we went back up to get back to the bus and go home.

on the way home we had a rest in one shop. there we had dinner. then we went on a trip for 2 hours. arrived at school at 09.30 pm. one by one we went home to rest

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