Sabtu, 09 Januari 2016


   Hi, my name Giani. I went to school SMAN 3 Bandung. In my school extracurricular good banya. And I followed 2 extracurricular, namely "spara" and "kpa 3"
   Spara is extracurricular paskibra. I followed the "spara" paskibra my resume because of SMP. I like paskibra because togetherness friends. And I love it when playing games "konsentrasi". Because it can train my concentration and friends.
   While "kpa 3" is "family guide angklung 3". My friend and learned to play "angklung" and sing. I practiced angklung with friends every Tuesday and Saturday. Kpa 3 will hold a concert in the month of February. So my friend and practice even harder

My feeling

  On 28 december february school holidays arrive. But my friend and I went to school for the "semester pendek", because the value of my lack of English and mathematics.
   Feeling matematila me a lesson I will not "kontrak ulang", because I have followed twice a math test. So I'm sure I succeed
   Feeling my English lesson, I will "kontrak ulang" because at the time of taking the test, I did not finish mengerjakanya test. Because I'm not smart english.