Senin, 23 November 2015


I have a friend named Aninda Fadilah, he lived in the street Baranangsiang. She was born just a few days with my different, born on 12 May 2000. He has a hobby that most people like it, that watching Korean dramas.
His favorite food is instant noodles, he was the second of three brothers. At school he was class president. He was the first person close to me, she was very nice and friendly.
Inspirsi she is a great mother. Hopes he is survived afterlife.


Giani : Hi Demi
Demi : Hi
Giani : I've heard you went to Bali again, is it true?
Demi : (Demi smiles)
Giani : Oh my God, I really want to go to Bali, it's a great place I've never slept in.
Giani : Anyway, I know you had visited Bali many times, did you still enjoy it?
Demi : Yeah, I still enjoy it, especially when watching men playing football on the beach.. bhahahhaa
Giani : While lying on the sand half nak**, huh? (Giani smirks)
Demi : Oh no, I am Indonesian. I don't want our ancestors rise from their tomb and look at one of our beaches in summer, they would probably shake their head with incredulity.
Giani : I see. I am just kidding.
Demi : Nevermind. Anyway, when will you go there?
Giani : I don't know, I am still busy with my business.
Demi : I do hope we will see you in Bali next vacation.
Giani : I do hope so.
Demi : I have to go right now. (while walking away from Giani)
Giani : Oh, nice to meet you Demi. (while screaming)
Demi : (Looking back and blinking her eye to Giani).

It's Me

    My name Giani. I was born May 26, 2000 in Bandung. I was the third of three brothers, my youngest child. my home address in jl. pasirleutik rt 05 RW 03 no. 31 Bandung. I usually have breakfast with fried rice, because my favorite food is fried rice.
   The origin of my sd SD Foundation Sunda Turn the power off and smp me at SMPN 16 bandunh. Now I go to school in SMAN 3 Bandung. I love the cat, because the cat was funny and cute.
I am excited to establish this life kana my inspiration is my mamah. Because my mamah is my hero wherever and whenever. My hope is survived afterlife.