Selasa, 29 Desember 2015


The first day of my camprt and friends gathered at the school at 06.30 am. While waiting for the others, I and a friend prepared to go to the "bumi perkemahan Kiara payung" by using a large car provided by the school. At 07.00 me and a friend left. In the course of our singing and joking. We reached the "Bumi perkemahan kiara payung" at 10.00 am. Arriving there, I and friends gathered on the field for the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony takes place until 11:00. Finished the opening ceremony I and friends distributed tent by a scout leader. Then we set up a tent.
Finish setting up the tent, my friend and rest until 01.00 pm. Then my friend and get ready for the material. My friend and scout in the given material. Such as helping to create a map. I and a friend finished material back to the tent to rest. Break lasted samapai 03:00 pm hours. Then my friend and give back at the material again until 05:00 pm. And we also break.
At 08:00 pm my friend and a bonfire. During the bonfire lit me and a friend saw the appearance of each class until 11:00 pm . Selasainua fireside and the park back to the tent for beritirahat.
my friend and woke up at 04.00 am weeks to prayer. Then at 6:39 am o'clock my friend and divided into 2 groups. One kemlompok gathered in the field to gymnastics and one other group cooking. I finished gymnastics and friends back to the tent to eat. 
 Wide games started at 8:30 am to 12:00 am. During the wide-games me and a friend walked to the post to follow the game. Samapai of the game fingered cooperation. Wide finished my games and friends break while picking and tent. Finished clearing my tent and friends gathered on the pitch for the closing ceremony. Finished the closing ceremony of my friend and prepare to go home. Then we got into the car to go home. On the way home we tired. Arriving at our school waiting for pickup to go home.